Time Freedom: Building a Life You Love

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When every day becomes a struggle to feel motivated, joyful, and grateful, then we know there is a problem. We have a right to be happy, but we have this innate ability to focus on all of our struggles. We come home day after day and complain about our jobs, bosses, and coworkers. Spend time with some moms, and you will hear about every annoying thing their child does and the distance in their marriages. If you have done these through postings on Facebook or conversations with your best friends, it is time to look at how you are living and rebuild. You deserve to experience joy and experience struggles with a sense of gratitude once you get through them.

If you aren’t living by a daily planner, spend a week tallying up how much time you spend on your schedule. Part of time freedom indicates that you are spending time doing things you absolutely love doing. Obviously, there are some things you must do (clean house, work, pay bills) that we need to keep on the planner. When you keep a diary of everything you do, you are going to find a lot of other things that will make you reconsider how you are spending time.

Now that you see the things you must do each week, are there things you can change? If the job is taking up a lot of your extra time and you have been resentful, maybe it’s time for a change! Changing your job can do wonders for your mood and doing what fulfills you will lead to less misery. You may even have to take a pay cut, but it will still be an upgrade because you can’t put a price on joy. House cleaning taking hours on end? Maybe you need to hire a cleaning service to help with the bigger stuff, and you do the daily maintenance. Or start a chart that everyone in the house must follow and take some of the stress off you. If you are in a bigger home and the kids have left the nest, it’s time to consider a smaller home that has easier upkeep.

How many of us would love to spend a couple of hours in quiet while reading a novel that’s been on the shelf for months? Or maybe you have wanted to get back into a craft you haven’t touched in what feels like forever? What if I told you that you could by looking at the weekly diary and making changes?

Spending time volunteering, visiting with family, getting the kids to soccer practices and games are all wonderful things. You don’t have to do them all! Set a realistic amount of time each week, such as 5 hours, that is for you to do what you want. Cut down on some volunteer time. Work with another soccer parent to swap times for delivering and picking up kids to their practices. Tell Grandma, mom, or your uncle that you need to cut your Sunday day-long visits to breakfast or lunch dates. Make up the time through phone calls.

Some small minor changes can do a lot for loving the life you are living. Start with one and see how it goes. Make another change in a few months. Keep going until you found the balance that leaves you smiling and complaining a lot less. Your family will thank you.

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